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Radiation Oncology

When a patient is referred for radiation therapy, a consultation appointment is made with a radiation oncologist. The physician reviews X-rays, MRI, CT and/or PET/CT scan reports to assess the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient. After the radiation oncologist discusses the treatment options with the patient, a simulation is scheduled.

A simulation is done in the radiation oncology department. During this procedure, a preliminary CAT scan and measurements are taken to map out the treatment area. This information is transferred to a three-dimensional treatment-planning computer. Your team of caregivers, including a radiation oncologist, dosimetrist and physicist, will work together to determine the most effective treatment plan for your situation, utilizing different radiation energies, angles and beam shaping devices.

At Nazha Cancer Center, patients have access to radiation therapy Monday through Friday. Registered radiation therapists deliver the treatments. The therapists work with the oncology nurse and physician to coordinate weekly checkups and assessments.


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Our Facility

Radiation Oncology is handled at our facility located at

801 New Road, Northfield, NJ (Directions & Full Description)

Our facility feature state-of the art equipment and a pleasant, open floor plan for maximum comfort. Here are just a few photos of our facility: