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Medical Imaging

Diagnostic imaging refers to a variety of non-invasive methods for identifying and monitoring diseases (such as cancer) by creating images representing internal structures and organs of the patient's body. Diagnostic imaging is an informational tool that expands the knowledge of physicians, people and patients and the practice of medicine.

Nazha Cancer Center physicians interpret the resulting images to diagnose cancer so that patient treatment can be specifically planned and implemented. Diagnostic imaging is also used to guide surgical planning and is often used to follow surgery and/or monitor the outcomes of treatments or procedures.


The first step in the treatment of any ailment is to successfully diagnose the problem, so that a suitable treatment plan can be developed. Learn more about our GE Discovery™ VCT - PET/CT Scanner

Our Facility

Medical Imaging is handled at our facility located at 801 New Road, Northfield, NJ (Directions & Full Description)

Our facility feature state-of the art equipment and a pleasant, open floor plan for maximum comfort. Here are just a few photos of our facility: